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Bluesteele is drummer Joe Maloney, keyboardist Liam Maloney, keyboard accompanyist Kathy (seated behind Liam), bassist Bryan Stephenson, and various guest performers. We've been playing together for decades, for the pure enjoyment of music. We hope that you will enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing it.

Joe Maloney; summer 2007.

Bassist Bryan Stephenson and guest.

Bluesteele composes many original works, as well as performing a substantial playlist of popular music of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Our original songs often have complex chord structures and progressions, lending them a unique and almost classical tone; best represented by Birkenshaw Place, written in 1986 by Liam Maloney and Frank Maro.
Complete songs are available for download at Apple iTunes and CD Baby.com and Amazon. We have been putting together a second compilation that has not yet made it to a recording studio - please return to our site soon to hear recording of live performance of our new works. Excerps of songs from our Electric Blue CD are in MP3 format and approx 1MB each:
  1. Whatcha Gonna Do?
  2. Birkenshaw Place
  3. Mr. Steele
  4. 2000 Degrees Up
  5. Hole in my Heart
  6. You're the One
  7. Wipin' Away the Tears
  8. Love Winds
  9. Lucky Lips
  10. You're My Love

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Many thanks to our friend, producer, recording engineer, and one-time guitarist Keith Purdy. All recording and production was done at Keith's Abstract Motion Studios in San Jose, California.

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